Model Steel is among the top 10 steel mills in Pakistan with a state of art Steel QA lab to maintain the status of being the best steel mill in Pakistan. A modern hydraulic tensile steel universal testing machine with maximum load capacity 2000 KN (one of the few biggest capacities computerized machine so far installed in Pakistan) is installed with servo control to test various metallic and non-metallic materials for tension, compression, bending and shearing strength. The lab is equipped with the latest equipment for steel spectrometer testing. It is capable of testing the characteristics of material on physical and technological properties. Machine is equipped with computer software and printer, it can control the test procedure as the set program and can also display record, process and print the test results and can draw test curve automatically in real time. This machine has been recently imported, installed and commissioned under the supervision of foreign experts and is presently the biggest capacity computerized machine so for installed in any steel industry in Pakistan. This machine complies with standards ISO 7500-I, ISO 6892, ISO 379, ISO 15630-I, ASTM A-730, ASTM A-615, ASTM E-4, ASTM E-9, ASTM D-76, HS 3841 making it the best steel mills in Lahore and among the top Steel industries in Pakistan.