Major usage of spring leaf stripes: automobiles, heavy duty vehicles, railways.

What Model Steel Spring Leaf Stripes is used for?

Model Steel supplies a wide range of premium Spring Leaf Stripes that ensures durable finishing, rust resistance, reliability and high quality. Model Steel Spring Leaf Stripes are manufactured with the support of an expert team and international standards. Our ranges of these find numerous applications in various industries for instance automobile seat belts, safety products (seat belts, brake components) specialty chains, fine blanked components, heavy-duty vehicles, railways transmission parts etc. Spring Leaf Stripes are for sale all over the country.

Steel Spring Leaf Stripes Standard Sizes:


2/8in X 3/8in  to 6in X 3/4in


20ft to 100ft  (As per Customer Demands)


JS-SUP-7 SUP-9, DIN-59Si7 55Cr5, AISI-9260, 5155



Upto 50mm + 1mm

50 to 75mm + 1.5mm

75 to 100mm + 2mm

100mm above + 2% 

not exceeding 6mm


Upto 12mm + 0.5mm 

Over 12mm 4% And 

Maximum not 

exceeding 1.5mm

Sectional Weight

Upto 3mm Thick


Over 3mm Thick


Packing: Straight and as per Customer’s Requirement. 

By theoretical counted bundles & actual weight basis on commercial weigh bridges in the market of customer choice.


1-Stamp  “No” 

2Tag  “No”    

3Brand Color  “Yellow at the Ends”

Useage: automobiles, heavy duty vehicles, railways.