Major Usage of Deformed bars grade 40: Reinforcement of concrete in Houses, Commercial Buildings, Industrial construction smaller & medium size construction.

What Model Steel Deformed Bars Grade 40 is used for?

Model Steel Deformed Bars are used for the reinforcement of concrete in houses, commercial buildings and industrial construction smaller & medium size construction. Deformed Bar means steel bar with protrusions; a bar that is intended for use as reinforcement in reinforced concrete construction (RCC). Its surface provided with ribs and lugs. Longitudinal protrusion on a deformed bar is called rib. Plain bar has no protrusion.

Steel Deformed Bars Grade 40 Standard Sizes:

Grade 40 or grade 60 indicates to yield strength of steel and for more information. Grade 40 Deformed Bars means minimum yield strength of 40,000 pounds per square inch and conforms to ASTM A-615 performance standards. Its metric counterpart is grade 280 rebar, with equivalent minimum yield strength of 280 mega Pascal. This makes Deformed Bars grade 40 rebars an excellent choice for light to medium-duty concrete reinforcing applications. This Deformed Bar Grade with Grade 40 Rebar properties makes it the best in Deformed Bar manufacturing in the country.


6 mm upto 32 mm in diameter

Length: From 40 ft. to 60 ft. open length or as required by the customer

ASTM  A-615  G- 40 

Rib form: As per ASTM  A-615  G- 40
Packing: Straight,once folded in bundles  and as per customer’s requirement.

By theoretical counted bundles & actual weight basis on commercial weigh bridges in the market of customer choice. 


1-Stamp “MODEL” (on Every 2 Ft.)

2Tag “Yes”

3Brand Color   “Yellow at the Ends & Bends”


Reinforcement of concrete in Houses, Commercial Buildings, Industrial construction smaller & medium size construction.