Major Usage of Steel Angle Bar:

Fabrication, Industrial construction & heavy Engineering Industry.

What Model Steel angle bars are used for?

Model Steel angle bars are very common material in steel that many builders use in a variety of different construction projects in Pakistan. Model Steel produces the best steel Angle Bar in Lahore, Pakistan that offer many options for getting not just the right Steel Angle Bars but the best Angle Bars for construction for your next building project.

Model steel angle bars, are often used for support when building objects, buildings, or rooms that require support at the corners. Because of its unique “L” shape, it makes an ideal support system for two adjoining walls in any type of corner. Many construction professionals know that angle bar, like the ones you can find at Model Steel, are a great way to easily boost the support system within a structure to avoid earthquake in Pakistan, which is the one of the biggest Angle Bar advantages.

Most of the time when angle beams is used; they are welded to the structure, or attached with drilled fastening methods. By reinforcing the edges or a surface, the structure is better able to support a much heavier load than it would be able to hold without the support. They can also be used on the exterior of a building as a way to reinforce edges and reduce weathering, which can lead to significant damage over time. Quite simply, angle beams can protect any corner or surface that needs to hold its shape over time.

There are multiple steel Angle Bar uses, one of the common is to support of all-steel structures, such as radio towers, broadcasting equipment, construction scaffolding, and more. Their ability to resist weathering, and their high tensile strength, contribute to a stronger structure.

Steel Angle Bar standard sizes:

Size: 5.5mm to 13mm
ASTM A6/A6M, DIN 17100ST 37-2+ST44-2, EN S235JR+S275JR
Log Length                      Sectional Weight
Upto 45mm + 1.5mm     3mm Thickness + 5%
45mm to 100mm + 2mm Over 3mm Thickness + 5/-3%
Above 100mm + 2%
Packing: Straight and as per Customer’s Requirement.
Invoicing: By theoretical counted bundles & actual weight basis on commercial weigh bridges in the market of customer choice.
Useage: Fabrication , Industrial construction & Heavy Engineering Industry.

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