Major Usage of Steel Thresher Stripes: as blades in Thresure / Harvester

What Model Steel Thresher Stripes used for?

Model Steel Thresher Stripes are used as blades in a harvester. Harvester Thresher Blades are used for separating wheat, peas, soybeans, and other small grain and seed crops from their chaff and straw. The quality of the process highly depends on the quality of the steel stripes used in making the harvester blades.

Steel Thresher Stripes Standard Sizes:


6.35 mm X 9.5mm & 7.9mm X 9.5mm


From 40Ft To 55Ft and as per customer requirement


JS (Sup – 7,Sup -9), DIN (59 Si 7. 55 Cr 5), AISI (9260, 5155) Width (upto 50mm + 1mm, Thickness (upto 1200 + 0.5mm)

Packing: Straight & once floded in bundless & as per customer’s requirement

By theoretical counted bundles & actual weight basis on commercial weigh bridges in the market of customer choice.


as blades in Thresure / Harvester