Major Usage of steel deformed bars grade 60: Reinforcement of concrete in Houses, Commercial buildings, Plazas, Bridges, Dams, Sky Rise Buildings, Industrial & Commercial construction specially Govt. Projects for medium and large size construction.

What Model Steel Deformed Bars Grade 60 is used for?

Model Steel Deformed Bar 60 is used for the reinforcement of concrete in houses, commercial buildings, plazas, bridges, dams, sky rise buildings, industrial & commercial construction specially Govt. Projects for medium and large size construction. Grade 60 Steel yield strength of steel meaning 60,000 pounds per square inch. These Deformed Bars with G60 Steel deformed bars properties surpass any other competition in the Deformed Bars manufacturing in the country. As our reputation precedes our name, we have always tried our utmost best to provide our customers and the people of Pakistan with the best quality steel. For this purpose, our team has been developing top-notch steel bars since ages. Not only our Deformed Bar G60 are used to further strengthen the concrete in buildings, houses, commercial and industrial construction but we also feel pride in saying that no other steel mill in Pakistan is capable of making such steel bars to this very day. 

What are the benefits of Model Steel Deformed Bars Grade 60?

Steel Deformed bars grade 60 are far more durable or stronger and most frequently used in construction purposes, and it is a cost-effective choice when a high level of tensile strength is required. Tensile stresses are higher in deformed bars than in plain mild steel bars, and without end hooks, these bars can be used. Model Steel bars have higher elongation and are consistently stronger and more pliable. 

Grade 60 bar strengthens concrete by increasing its tensile strength and can be used for primary and secondary reinforcement. It assists in the absorption of stress and weight and the more even distribution of tension caused by the contraction and expansion of concrete when exposed to heat and cold.

The high quality or the higher thermal stability of the bars allows them to withstand fire damage. Model steel bars are made or designed to prevent any structure from collapsing. Model steel bars are more flexible, protecting the structure in the case of any vibration for fatigue caused in industrial production floors, bridges, metro systems, above and under train systems, or other natural calamities. 

 These bars are strong enough to withstand earthquakes, fires, and other natural disasters. Because of the high strength of the surface layer, model steel bars have a unique attribute of strong fatigue resistance under dynamic loading.

In terms of superior welding and forming stronger bonds, these bars have superiority over other bars. Model Steel bars are designed or manufactured with great care and appropriate addition of corrosion resistance elements such as phosphorus, copper and chromium. 

The Model steel bars have a ribbed pattern which enables greater strength between bars and the adjacent concrete. It improves the strength of the structure resulting in a better and longer-lasting construction with better ribs. The ribs on these bars and the quality of the model steel bars determine the structure’s strength.

 Each bar goes through a series of quality inspections and has precise chemical characteristics to enable and ensure structural integrity even under extreme conditions or environmental strains. All steel bars are produced according to the standards and under strict quality control. Model Steel bars save 20% to 30% more than other commercial bars and have higher tensile strength and elongation value. In contrast to other mills, Model Steel bars are manufactured in straight length. The excellence of the cooling bed attained through this method makes construction easier and accurate.

Deformed Bars Grade 60 Standard Sizes:


6 mm upto 32 mm in diameter


From 40 ft. to 45 ft. open length or as required by the customer


ASTM  A-615  G-60 

Rib form: As per ASTM  A-615  G-60
Packing: Straight,once folded in bundles  and as per customer’s requirement.

By theoretical counted bundles & actual weight basis on commercial weigh bridges in the market of customer choice.


1StampMODELG60” (on Every 2 Ft.)

2-Tag “Yes

3Brand Color   “Green at the Ends & Bends


Re-enforcement of concrete in Houses, Commercial buildings, Plazas, Bridges, Dams, Sky Rise Buildings, Industrial & Commercial construction specially Govt. Projects for medium and large size construction. Deformed Bars Grade 60 are specially designed steel bars by Model Steel Mills to provide a whole new level of strength and toughness to buildings, houses, sky-high buildings and commercial as well as industrial constructions. Being one of the best steel mills in Pakistan, we have to keep our development standards high for our products. For this purpose, our team of experts brainstormed the best possible design and composition of the Deformed Bars Grade 60 to revolutionize the world of construction. Owing to such factors, our customers feel pride while buying from us because they know that steel bought from Model Steel Mills is worth every single rupee spent on it. Offering 60,00 pounds of strength per square inch is our deformed bar grade 60 which you’ll definitely want to buy for your construction purposes.

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