Model Steel Group Of Companies in Lahore

MODEL STEEL Group of Companies is working since 1969 in Lahore, Pakistan. Model Steel is like the bright star on the firmament of steel industry. Our valuable customers & we have based our strong business relations on the grounds of truth, sincerity, quality & caring sales attitude. These are the golden ethics of our business.

MODEL STEEL has its own complete technical setup which keeps on developing & innovating good quality steel bars. By the grace of ALLAH our setup from import of steel scrap till the formation of standardized billets which are further re-role into standardized steel bars and sold by our specially trained sale staff having true, caring & loyal attitude towards our valuable & honorable customers.
We re-role steel bars according to international standard & standard provided by our customers, which are used in construction of Pakistan’s commercial buildings, housing projects, engineering industry, bridges, dams and public buildings etc.

Your & our business success is in zero claim quality, this is only possible when you will use best quality & zero claim building material in your projects. This will also gain your goodwill & profits. For this purpose our research & development department has developed & is producing unique designs of steel bars which ensures less wastage and increase in concrete re-enforcement of steel bars than other ordinary steel bars.

Installed Capacity 160000 M. Ton Per Year, which makes us one of the Largest Manufacturers of Steel Bars in Private Sector of Pakistan & we are holding 15% consumer market share of Steel bars in Pakistan. Our all efforts are only for you & society. Our sales team invite you to visit our customer caring & sales office at (46-mall godown road badami bagh Lahore). We will feel proud to serve you.

Quality / Customer Statement

Glorious in the hearts & minds of our customers through truthful intentions sincerity & quality.

3 Pillar’s of Success (Our Group Ideology)


The basic principle in our business deals & the truthful approach of group members with each other.


In our group we all try to be sincere with each other, with our machines, customers, society & with the environment.


We always try to deliver quality in our actions, words & products.